Thursday, July 21, 2005

Questions to Ask Employers During Interviews

A typical final question in most interviews is “Do you have any questions?” If you’ve prepared properly, you’ll have written out a minimum of three questions prior to your interview so you’ll be ready for this question.

What should you ask? You’ll have spent some time researching the company prior to your interview, so don’t ask obvious questions that were addressed on their website. Those types of questions indicate you didn’t prepare properly for the interview. Instead, ask questions about things that matter to you and that you truly want to know about your potential employer.

Here are some ideas to help you formulate your questions:
  • Why is this position available?

  • How does your company compare to your competitors?

  • What are your company’s long term plans and how will this department fit in with that?

  • What are your goals for this position?

  • What are some of the skills and abilities necessary for someone to be successful in this job?

  • Are there opportunities to obtain training to improve and acquire new skills?

  • Can you describe an ideal employee?

  • What growth do you anticipate for your firm?
And remember, if the interviewer hasn’t addressed this, your final questions should always be: “What is the next step in the interview process?” and “When do you anticipate making a decision?”.


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