Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Answering Those Tough Questions About Salary

Interview questions about salary can be among the most difficult to answer. You don’t want to rule yourself out of the chance for the position by stating too high a salary, but you don’t want to undersell yourself either. Some recommended answers include:

If you are early in the interview process, your best answer is one like this, “I’m sure your company is offering a fair salary based on the position and my experience. However, I’d like to learn more about the position and what I can offer to your company before I answer”.

If you are pressed for an answer, a good response may be to state your current salary, something like this, “I’m currently making $60,000 annually, however I’m more interested in a position that offers growth and challenge than I am in just the salary.”

If you are later in the interview process you may want to use one of these responses, "What is the salary range for similar jobs in your company?" If they don't give a specific answer, then give a range of what you understand you are worth in the marketplace. By giving a range, you are still leaving yourself open to negotiation.

If the company (or your recruiter) has given you a range for the position, your safest answer is to state that you are within the range that they are paying.

As much as possible you want to avoid stating a specific salary amount for as long as possible.

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